We love going on holiday and that was one thing we vowed wouldn’t change just because we were having a baby. To make sure we stayed true to our word, when I was 8 months pregnant we booked a trip to Italy for the coming June. This meant we had a holiday to look forward to, leaving on the day our baby would turn 4 months old.

We were so excited. We had booked to return to Verona for one night, then travel onto Lake Garda to a small town called Lazise for 3 nights. We did this same trip at the end of our honeymoon 4 years prior, and the fact we would be away for our wedding anniversary made the trip even more exciting.

I put a call out on Instagram for tips on travelling with a baby. I follow some great accounts so I knew I’d get some help if I asked. My inbox was filled with helpful tips from other mums and dads encouraging us to embrace travel. Alongside the helpful messages were more than a few people telling me that we were crazy to even attempt to go away with a baby. Helpful! We obviously knew this would be different to other trips as we would have a baby in tow, but we were ready to give it a go and create new family memories.

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The last time I posted on my blog was way back in February after we had finished our nursery transformation, excited and ready for our little bub to join our family. I was 38 weeks pregnant and pretty convinced I was going to give birth any day, well before my due date. HA! How wrong I was as I was made to wait until I was 41 weeks and 3 days until we finally became parents to a little boy called Brodie. I say little… he was actually a whopping 9lb 6oz!

As we approach our son turning 9 months old, I have been reflecting on our time with him given he’s almost been out and in our lives as long as he was cooking away, all cosy in that bump of mine. This made me think of all the things we’ve experienced and learnt in the short space he has been part of our lives.

When I was pregnant I read ALOT of blogs about becoming parents and the journey we were about to embark upon, this then continued once I had given birth, so I have decided to start a little series of posts detailing our experiences. Our best (and worst) buys, some of the things we’ve learnt, travelling with a baby and in our opinion top tips for taking the leap from a married couple of two, to a little family unit of three.

To start this little series of posts off, here’s a summary of our pregnancy journey and the day Brodie burst into our world!

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Right for the moment we got our positive pregnancy test, I started to plan our dream nursery. Being an instagram addict I already had ideas up my sleeve and I couldn’t wait to start redecorating. Since moving in, our back spare bedroom just housed a sofa bed for when we had more than two people staying over but as we always hoped that one day we would use it as a nursery we’d never bothered to decorate it.

In September we started turning this room from dull spare room into the scandi inspired nursery we really wanted!

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When Craig and I were in New York earlier this month, we vowed to join the gym on our return and start to live healthier. It seemed a fair idea at the time –as I remember it was the day I ate 2 chocolate muffins for lunch. The best of days.

I half thought Craig would forget about our little pact once we got home and back to the daily grind of the working week. But nope! Literally on the first day back I found myself at the gym being shown around and before I knew if we were handed our new membership cards.

Now when it comes to exercise, I am not the greatest. My idea of a work out is prancing round the living room to my trusty Davina DVD, and usually getting bored half way through. I am unable to do any of the floor exercises as my cat thinks my pony tail is a new pet and goes into full on attack mode. A particular low point of mine last year was lying on my sofa just watching the Body Coach do multiple HIIT workouts on YouTube – I didn’t even attempt to get up and join in. It made me tired just watching (and lets be frank, he is quite nice to watch).

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One of the major perks about buying our own house was the fact we would have our own garden. We were lucky that the flat we rented for 4 years had a small outdoor area, but this was in full view of all the neighbours and was also north facing so was in shade from early afternoon each day.

When we made our house wish list, a south facing garden was fairly high up. Luckily, our house had exactly that and the garden  was such a good size compared to other properties we had viewed, especially the new builds in the area.

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