Right for the moment we got our positive pregnancy test, I started to plan our dream nursery. Being an instagram addict I already had ideas up my sleeve and I couldn’t wait to start redecorating. Since moving in, our back spare bedroom just housed a sofa bed for when we had more than two people staying over but as we always hoped that one day we would use it as a nursery we’d never bothered to decorate it.

In September we started turning this room from dull spare room into the scandi inspired nursery we really wanted!

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Almost two whole years after getting the keys to our house, we have finally done it… we have a brand spanking new, super shiny, bathroom of dreams!

We had to endure months and months of our awful 70’s bathroom suite and a hideous artex ceiling whilst we decorated other parts of the house and then saved up for the bathroom we really wanted but I can confirm it was more than worth the wait.

I wrote a post back in January detailing my hopes for our house in 2017 and it mainly focused on our bathroom. You can read that here.

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{PLANS FOR 2017}

I had good intentions of sitting down with a cup of tea and some left over Christmas chocolate on January 1st and writing all about what exciting plans we have for our home in 2017. But this went out the window as life got busy and I really haven’t had a chance to just sit and type away like I so much enjoy!

Fast forward to tonight! A chilly Sunday evening, sat in bed in my PJs still working my way through that left over chocolate (my very clever way of justifying eating it every single day is the sooner its gone, the sooner I can get healthy. Simple) and I am finally getting the time to note down my ramblings.

In summary, 2017 has been busy so far in the Canavan household.

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When we got the keys to our house, Craig and I both decided we would spend our time and money decorating the parts of our house that our friends and family would see when we entertained, then we’d do our bedroom. We jumped right in and within 3 months our lounge, dining room and main guest room were done. You can see the before and after here.

As we promised ourselves, we then started the think about decorating our room but our energy levels were low, as was our bank account after transforming practically half our house in 6 months! Juggling full times jobs and decorating most evenings and weekends meant we were stating to lack enthusiasm, after all it was just us that saw our room so it quickly moved further down our list of priorities until we said we’d pick it up in the New Year.

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One of the major perks about buying our own house was the fact we would have our own garden. We were lucky that the flat we rented for 4 years had a small outdoor area, but this was in full view of all the neighbours and was also north facing so was in shade from early afternoon each day.

When we made our house wish list, a south facing garden was fairly high up. Luckily, our house had exactly that and the garden  was such a good size compared to other properties we had viewed, especially the new builds in the area.

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When we decorated our hallway, I wanted to add a doormat that subtly had our initials on. For our wedding in 2014, we used a H&C monogram across all of our print and so for us we thought it would be a nice welcome into our house.

I spent the evening googling personalised doormat on all the usual sites; Not on the Highstreet, Etsy, Ebay. I was surprised at the cost of the ones I came across, and none had a font I liked so one trip to the shops and I was armed with what I needed to make what I wanted.

The fun bit:

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