When Craig and I were in New York earlier this month, we vowed to join the gym on our return and start to live healthier. It seemed a fair idea at the time –as I remember it was the day I ate 2 chocolate muffins for lunch. The best of days.

I half thought Craig would forget about our little pact once we got home and back to the daily grind of the working week. But nope! Literally on the first day back I found myself at the gym being shown around and before I knew if we were handed our new membership cards.

Now when it comes to exercise, I am not the greatest. My idea of a work out is prancing round the living room to my trusty Davina DVD, and usually getting bored half way through. I am unable to do any of the floor exercises as my cat thinks my pony tail is a new pet and goes into full on attack mode. A particular low point of mine last year was lying on my sofa just watching the Body Coach do multiple HIIT workouts on YouTube – I didn’t even attempt to get up and join in. It made me tired just watching (and lets be frank, he is quite nice to watch).

When I was at University, I joined a ladies only gym – it was dirt cheap and they had a bowl of chocolates in the reception. The fact I fell over in spectacular fashion when getting off a treadmill on my induction should have suggested to me that this was a bad idea. But I surprised myself and did actually go 3 or 4 times a week for about a year. I confess, the majority of the time was spent laying in the sauna with my friend Ceri chatting about boys and life. Some of our funniest and most memorable conversations happened in that little wooden room, so I am glad we joined just for that. A typical workout ended with me passing Tesco Metro on the way back to my student house and treating myself to an apple lattice for all the hard work I had just done. A very well-deserved treat I would say.

When I moved home, I decided I was going to become a runner. HA! It turns out the treadmill incident of 2009 wasn’t a one off, and my weak ankles failed me on multiple occasions. I remember vividly deciding to go for a run on the one day that all the flying ants of the world descend. Let’s just say I ate enough to not warrant eating dinner that night.

So now I find myself a member of a new gym and I want to actually maintain it this time, but I get just playing on machines 3 times a week doesn’t a healthy lifestyle make. Since Christmas, I have donned my trusty Chelsea boots and walked to work and back every day. The challenge of carrying my laptop to and from work is a workout in itself. I am actually enjoying the fresh air and it is an excuse to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack for millionth time. I am more than obsessed.

I have started eating breakfast every day and now make large enough meals in the evenings so that we can take the left overs for lunch the next day. I was getting far too used to the tuna baguette and (small – I always asked for small I promise) chips on offer at my work. An absolute bargain at £1.20!

For me, my downfall is chocolate, especially in the evenings. My body craves sugar and I haven’t yet cracked the healthy snacks that can curb my chocolate cravings. I will love anyone who can suggest healthy, but yummy sweet snacks.

I am about to finish my second week of gym going, and naturally have ordered a basket full of new leggings and work out tops. I have my eye on some gorgeous mint green trainers but these will be a reward once I reach my 3 month target of regularly attending. We are one of those annoying couples who go and work out together, but so far I am enjoying it. We each do our own thing, until a machine looks too scary to use and I call on Craig for moral, and physical support (I have twiglet arms). I am yet to brave a group class, I want to build my fitness up before I inflict this pain upon myself. Also, I am a little scared to turn up on my own. Very childish I know, but gyms can be intimidating places!

I will warmly accept any healthy recommendations for meals and snacks that will help fuel us further into this new world of healthy living. I plan on spending some proper time this week researching healthy but filling dishes and am excited to try some out as I feel we are in a bit of a rut when it comes to evening meals.

Please feel free to recommend any blogs, websites or cookbooks I should take a look at as I am new to all this!



  1. racheldaw18 says:

    Good for you lovely! I definitely recommend all the Hairy Bikers diet cookbooks – and have recommended them to lots of purple who enjoy them too! They’re basically normal recipes made healthy – some of my faves are the ginger chili salmon and the homemade sweet and sour sauce. I think the white book was the first one but they’re all good tbh!
    As for sweet snacks, I totally feel your pain! And since being poorly I’ve really had to rein it in because my body can’t hack large amounts of sugar anymore 😦 So my desserts of choice are squares of really dark chocolate (Lidl and Aldi are cheaper AND have big squares haha!) and my newest and most favourite discovery: medjool dates stuffed with almond butter. The stuff of dreams! Best of luck with your new healthy lifestyle 🙂 xxx

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