{PLANS FOR 2017}

I had good intentions of sitting down with a cup of tea and some left over Christmas chocolate on January 1st and writing all about what exciting plans we have for our home in 2017. But this went out the window as life got busy and I really haven’t had a chance to just sit and type away like I so much enjoy!

Fast forward to tonight! A chilly Sunday evening, sat in bed in my PJs still working my way through that left over chocolate (my very clever way of justifying eating it every single day is the sooner its gone, the sooner I can get healthy. Simple) and I am finally getting the time to note down my ramblings.

In summary, 2017 has been busy so far in the Canavan household.

It began with a six-day trip to New York – which by the way, may just be the best city in the world. It lived up to every expectation I had and my gosh did we cram alot into our days. My poor, poor feet are only just healing after the worst case of holiday blisters I’ve ever seen due to all the walking we did. God bless 24 hour pharmacies on every block and my lovely husband who ran out on numerous occasions for blister plasters and foot cream. But all totally worth it as we have so many new memories and for those concerned, I can now walk limp free again – yay!

As well as embarking upon our little city break, we have finally settled on project number 1 of 2017…… Project bathroom!

We ummed and ahhed for a long time last year about getting a new kitchen. We got as far as having a company who replace worktops and cupboard doors come and measure up, only to receive the quote, stare in shock for a while and very quickly decide we would leave the dream of a new shiny kitchen alone as our big aim is to extend the back of our house at some point so until that day, I will have to learn to tolerate the classic 70’s kitchen we have. You never know, it may come back into fashion and we’ll accidentally be uber trendy (unlikely but I can hope).

So this led the way for project bathroom. We have been dying to do this for a while as we currently have a yucky peach walled, plastic sinked, horribly tiled and not in any way relaxing bathroom. But as I have said in other posts, we wanted to get the lounge and dining areas done first, given our love of entertaining so we sucked it up and carried on with it how it was.

It all started with just browsing the after Christmas sales online on one of those weird ‘what day is it days’ before new year – most likely whilst eating chocolate (obvs). Things escalated quickly and 30 minutes later we had a whole new bathroom suite in our basket on Victoria Plumb ready to click buy. The colour was perfect, and the price was rather nice too. After a quick measure up, we purchased a new vanity and toilet unit, bath tub, bath panel and shower screen and so that set in stone our first project of the year and golly am I excited.

We have opted for the Camberely Grey suite – a modern take on a more traditional bathroom. Below shows the vanity unit. We intend to change the handles, but you get the idea…


In true Harriet style, not one to waste time when I have a vision in my head, I had floor samples dropping through the letter box within days, endless options for taps bookmarked and (although I haven’t quite managed to convince Mr Canavan just yet…) hope for this gorgeous Loaf industrial style bathroom shelf to be on its way rather soon.


Just imagine the fun that can be had sourcing the perfect items for each of the 9 compartments. I am thinking Diptyque candles and some fancy body scrub in a pretty jar so far.

We have also bought THE most gorgeous radiator from Victorian Plumbing that will match the new taps and shower perfectly. We are planning to have the bathroom fitted and completed at some point in March, so at the moment our downstairs bedroom resembles a Victoria Plumb warehouse with boxes everywhere. The cat is having an actual field day, its like a cat gymnasium but until March I plan on closing the door tightly and just dreaming of what it will hopefully look like.

In regards to other plans for the house, we want to:

  • Re-carpet the stairs and landing
  • Paint all the internal doors we had fitted last year (oh the shame! It’s been at least 4 months!)
  • Treat ourselves to a new garden dining set – think of all the alfresco dining and wine!

We have some amazing holidays to look forward to this year. Visiting Venice, Portugal and Croatia so we are limiting the house projects this year to be able to afford to spend quality time with each other and family. Swapping paint tins for suntan lotion this year is a very exciting thought!

The new series of Homeland is now about to start and Craig has just bought me a hot chocolate up to bed (and more chocolate!!) so I will bring my ramblings to a close. But yay to 2017 and all the blogging antics it may bring.


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