When we got the keys to our house, Craig and I both decided we would spend our time and money decorating the parts of our house that our friends and family would see when we entertained, then we’d do our bedroom. We jumped right in and within 3 months our lounge, dining room and main guest room were done. You can see the before and after here.

As we promised ourselves, we then started the think about decorating our room but our energy levels were low, as was our bank account after transforming practically half our house in 6 months! Juggling full times jobs and decorating most evenings and weekends meant we were stating to lack enthusiasm, after all it was just us that saw our room so it quickly moved further down our list of priorities until we said we’d pick it up in the New Year.

Christmas came and went and as it typically goes, I got a grand idea in my head that I couldn’t let go of so instead of picking out paint samples and a pretty new bed, we re landscaped the front garden! Then when Spring came, we put all our efforts into the back garden. You can read about that here.

We found ourselves in June and about to set sail on a cruise around the Med so it didn’t seem like the right time to start another massive project. But it was on our return from this wonderfully relaxing holiday, that I realised how massively unrelaxing our bedroom actually was. I hated the torn temporary wardrobes and awful carpet. That was it, I picked up the phone and started to call carpenters to build our vision of beautiful new built in wardrobes. Project bedroom was finally a go!


On the day we moved in, we ripped out the old, doorless built in wardrobes. I am annoyed that we never got a photo but you can clearly see where they were from the below photos, and the hideous brown paint they left behind. We’d made do with temporary wardrobes from Argos for a year (these ended up being Alfie’s favourite place to sleep. What cat doesn’t love sleeping somewhere they shouldn’t) but they were starting to buckle under the weight and one night collapsed on Craig when we were sleeping!

The rest of the room was liveable. A beige carpet, duck egg papered wall and my DIY beauty shelf. Nothing offensive (except the broken chest of drawers that didn’t survive the move due to my love of toiletries!) but the time had come to inject some much needed style and love into this room.

Prepping the room

Ripping out the old skirting boards and pulling up the carpet sounds simple enough but OH MY GOD… the skirting boards did not want to be removed. They had been secured in over 40 years ago with what may well be the worlds most powerful air nail gun. It took us a whole day to lever them off the wall and we both had blisters. Eventually,  the room was almost ready to go. We painted the brown wall with Ivory paint from Laura Ashley we had in the shed and it instantly looked better.

The wardrobes

Well over a year ago, I read a blog post on my lunchtime browse of Rock my Style. This particular post showed some beautifully simple built in wardrobes in Charlotte’s, the blog creators home. The grooved doors were painted the perfect shade of grey and handles were the industrial style we love. These wardrobes were the inspiration for this bedroom project, so I printed out pictures and was armed ready to show my carpenter.

It took just a day and a half for him to create our vision. I worked from home on these days and I couldn’t help but to sneak upstairs and take progress photos to send to Craig. I was so excited that it was all coming together.

The ‘bad’ wall

When we moved in, we realised that the plaster had blown out on the back wall of the room so we knew we’d have to pay out a fair amount to re-plaster. We could have just had this part of the wall cut out, filled and re-skimmed but we didn’t want the rest of the room to have a different finish so we opted to do the whole room. Not ones to do anything by halves, we also chose to get the ceiling redone as a number of cracks were visible.

I had no idea that the walls needed to be treated with a green pre grit before plastering, so I had quite a shock when I came home on my lunch break to see how everything was going!

We had to leave the freshly plastered room to dry out for a couple of days, which worked out well as this was just before the August bank holiday weekend and my birthday. At least I didn’t feel guilty taking time off to celebrate as there was literally nothing we could do in the mean time!

Once the walls had dried to a light pink colour we got on with transforming the room. My lovely Granddad has kindly put up coving in every room in our house for us, so he came to add the ornate cornice to add a homely feel. We always opt for B&Q ‘Colours fluted‘ coving. Once this was up, the painting commenced.

The paint 

This is always my favourite part as it’s when the room really starts to change. We knew we wanted grey wardrobes so we bought some tester pots. I am pretty sure that we could paint our whole house twice over with all the tester pots we’ve bought since we moved in. Why do they never look like they promise?! I dread to think how much we’ve spent.

We ummed and ahhed over samples for a long time. Crown’s ‘English Manor‘ was too light and ‘Pencil Point‘ was just too dark for the room. We are big fans of Valspar paint, and once again they delivered as ‘Summer Grey‘ was just the shade we were looking for. We always opt for the premium version of their paints as they are super durable.

Once the wardrobes were done we started on the ceiling and walls. The ceiling took a couple of coats of white emulsion using an extended roller. It is a killer for the back and arms but the room soon started to look so smart and clean.

We knew we wanted a colour palette of blush and grey. I am huge fan of Scandi interior design and came across this alot when looking for inspiration. Originally we were going to have the main back wall a light blush, then the 3 remaining walls painted a shade of white. However we were so taken with the ‘Summer Grey’ we opted to use this on the wall opposite our bed.

The perfect blush for us was Valspar’s ‘Nana’s Pearls‘ (possibly my favourite paint name to date!). It gives a very subtle pastel pink finish, exactly what we were aiming for. This was teamed with Valspar’s ‘Sleeping Inn‘, an off white with a hint of grey.

We also had all new cottage style interior doors fitted in our whole house whilst our carpenter was in. We painted our bedroom door with a simple white satin.

The floor

Getting rid of the carpet and laying a laminate floor made the room feel so much bigger. We chose to use B&Q’s ‘Boulder Oak‘ after my parents has recently laid it in their summer house. The grey tones were exactly in keeping with the rest of the room but it was dark enough to add some real depth. My dad and Craig put the floor down in about 3 hours one Saturday morning and it is one of my favourite features of the room now.

The Radiator

As we had the wall plastered, we had to have our plumber come to take the old radiator off. We decided to buy a new more modern radiator to replace the old one. We bought the ‘Milano Aruba‘ from Best Heating and we are so pleased with it as it matches the room’s colour scheme and feel exactly.

The bed

There was nothing wrong with our old Ikea bed, but we’d had it since we first moved in together in 2011 and it didn’t match the style of the new room. We were originally looking at the ‘Loft‘ bed from Marks and Spencer, going for a much more Scandinavian look, but this was an off white colour and we soon changed our minds in favour of a fabric bed. This wasn’t something I have ever considered but when we found the ‘Kensington‘ bed on Wayfair I fell in love. Easy to assemble and it fitted the space perfectly even though it was slightly larger than the bed we had before.

The bedside tables

We found our bedside tables on Maisons du Monde. They were the Scandi style I love, and were fairly petite so looked good against the bed. They were flat pack but we manged to put them together easily despite the dodgy instructions.

We finished these off with some table lamps I bought back in January from Sainsbury’s. Their home section is SO good. Something always seems to accidentally fall in my trolley when we go in for our weekly shops! We used H and C’s greetings cards from Mark and Spencer to fill Ikea Ribba frames. Our initials were used alot across our wedding styling and stationary so you’ll find lots of these letters throughout our house.

The Mr and Mrs plastic tumblers were found on the sale shelf for just £1 each (!!) in H&M home – my absolute favourite home shop


Bedside table from Maisons du Monde

The finishing touches 

I LOVE soft furnishings, so I bought the duvet covers and cushions before we’d even picked the bed and chosen paints. H&M home is an absolute dream for these kind of items and it’s where we got the grey rug and throw, as well as the cushions for the bed minus two from John Lewis that my mum bought and never used so kindly gave to us.

The grey duvet cover was from Ikea and came with 4 pillow cases which is great. We also have a pink duvet cover from Primark. It was such a good price – just £10 and I bought it more for colour match than quality but it seems to be just fine. I am a self confessed fake tanner so I always have this in mind before I spend a fortune on a duvet cover. I have almost taken the plunge with the White Company before, but just can’t justify it.

Our mirror was only £20 from Ikea. It doesn’t seem to be online, but it’s called ‘Stave’ and was SO much cheaper than any other nice white long mirror we could see online.

The blind was made to measure and came from Keeleys Blinds. We have used them for every room we have done up so far and I cannot fault them.

We added little  brass spot lights above the wardrobes to add another feature to the room. These came from Wayfair again and add such a good, soft lighting effect when turned on.

We wanted a picture ledge above our bed, and chose the ‘Mosslanda‘ from Ikea. We styled this with a grey peg frame from Marks and Spencer that we filled with black and white Polaroid style photos.

We also added the copper wire ‘Hello Beautiful‘ wall plaque and the personalised library card that I got Craig for a wedding gift, both from Not on the Highstreet. Dotted in between were some candles and an obligatory Pineapple!

I love Eames style chair’s, we have these around our dining table and as I wanted to add something to the corner of the room, this style chair this fitted just right so we ordered another one. I finished it off with a grey two tone cushion from B&Q. We also added some ceramic origami swans to the wall above in gorgeous pastel colours.

The pendant lamp shade was from Made.com and we got it back in January when my copper obsession was in full force. The outside of the shade is called ‘Clay’ and is an off white, given how subtle the rest of the colours are in the room we can get away with this copper injection.


Copper pendant lamp shade from Made.com


It took well over a month of decorating; a carpenter, plasterer and plumber, lots of help from my family BUT we are now finally moved back into our room and we absolutely love it. It is so calming and such a nice space to relax in.

My dad mounted a TV on the wall for us so if we fancy watching a film in bed we now have the option! We purchased an Amazon Fire Stick too so we can have access to catch up TV and Netflix too for those lazy winter Sunday’s.

So even though it may have taken a while to get round to doing, decorating our room was totally worth every single penny spent!

Now to put our minds to the re-design of the kitchen and bathroom……



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